18 Photos That Show How Close We Are With Our Pets

Photos That Show How Close We Are With Our Pets
18 Photos That Show How Close We Are With Our Pets

Having a pet is like having a friend. Whether it’s a dog, a cat, or a parrot, he is your partner in everything that comes in life. Some pets have lived with their owners for years and their bond is stronger than anything. And how can it not? They share your pain like no humans. They have so much warmth and love to give to you that is irreplaceable. If your pet goes missing for a day, it feels terrible and difficult to survive until the time they are back home. They are like constant support to you as you become habitual of them over the course of years.

The following photos are from 18 pet owners who show us how close they are to their pets. This assortment of lovely pet stories will brighten up your day. If you were having a bad day, you are at the right place as your mood is going to be lifted up. Scroll down below to enjoy an amalgam, of adorability and wholesomeness.

1. Watching TV with mom is her favorite time of the day

© hanamihoshi / Reddit

2. 18 years old bird and owner bond is lovely

© TimMarkel / Reddit

3. This dog is more privileges than anyone in the house and it shows

© eriks16 / Reddit

4. Can’t take my eyes off this cutie

© macluvva / Reddit

5.“Her name is Dodgers. She’s 11 or 12 and has been with me through my MA, Ph.D., and a divorce.”

© Mtt76812 / Reddit

6. All he needs is cuddles and love

© CaptainOutstanding / Reddit

7. He is wrong about his size and all he wants is love

© sogingerly / Reddit

8. That’s how the family lived happily ever after

© Tra-c_S / Reddit

9. The bonding speaks for itself

© tspmhack30 / Reddit

Isn’t it great to adopt a pet and then grow old with him? That feeling is good to another level that only pet owners can understand. Once in life, everyone should adopt a pet and get an experience of getting their affection and love. The stories haven’t ended yet, happy reading!

10. This just got to another level

© Glabwog117 / Reddit

11. Left arm has completely slept, but the struggle is worth it

© Em3PO / Reddit

12. Grandpa and the kitty’s duo watching their favorite show together is the most wholesome thing we have seen today

© Siegyoza / Reddit

13. The happiness of adopting your first dog ever looks like this

© PootieTang_ / Reddit

14. Doggo visited Granny’s house and moments later this was the scenario

© chewbezza / Reddit

15. He loves to watch bird videos, you can tell by his face

© jah0628 / Reddit

16. No matter his size, he always wants to be held like this

© ShinigamiDady / Reddit

17. Long wagon rides are his most favorite!

© Aedelmann / Reddit

18. “After being apart for 5 days, he can’t take his eyes off me. This was only the second time and longest time we’ve been apart in our 8 years together. Man, I missed my baby.”

© xoCamoPrincessxo / Reddit

Got pets in your house that you cannot live without? Want to share your bond with your pets with us? What are you waiting for, drop your stories and pictures in the comment section below. Keep visiting defused for more!