A Man Who Swore He Wasn’t A Cat Person Ends Up Fostering 75 Kittens

When never say never becomes meow forever...
A Man Who Swore He Wasn’t A Cat Person Ends Up Fostering 75 Kittens

We’ve all heard the saying, “Never say never.” It’s a reminder that sometimes, our most steadfast beliefs can take a surprising turn. Take my story, for instance. 

When I got my first cat, my mom was firmly against the idea. Fast-forward a few months, and they became inseparable. That’s probably why I ended up adopting more cats – but hey, who can blame me?

A similar story follows Christina, a co-founder of Meow Parlor Cat Cafe in New York, and her dad, who swore he wasn’t a cat person but ended up fostering 75 kittens. Wanna know how? Just keep reading!

When Never Say Never Becomes Meow Forever

Source: The Dodo

Christina, unlike her dad, has always been a dedicated cat lover and foster parent with years of experience. However, life took an unexpected turn when she had to move back in with her parents, foster kittens included.

Over time, something peculiar began happening. Christina started noticing something unusual about her dad. She said:

“I started to notice he was really paying attention to them. And they were paying attention to him.”

Source: The Dodo

The more kittens he met, the more his affection for them grew. Christina added:

“I think it was very fascinating for him to see these cats and get to know them. I think they just really love his energy.”

Christina’s dad, once indifferent to feline charms, now enjoys quality time with the kittens. They flock to him daily, relishing his company. It’s become a ritual, a heartwarming connection he looks forward to.

Source: The Dodo

Surprisingly, Christina’s dad even has a favorite feline friend named Scotty. He proudly admits:

“She is acting like almost my family.”

Christina believes her dad secured the title of “Biggest Cat Lover of 2020.” As a cat cafe owner, that year was pretty challenging for Christina and her kitties, and she decided to close the cafe temporarily. 

This decision led to a beautiful twist of fate. Christina began crafting cat toys and beds, and her parents joined in to help and support her. 

Their 40-year experience in the clothing business turned out to be a bonus, as they all worked together passionately. Christina recalled the heartwarming period:

“It was so incredibly sweet to see them spending time together.”

As a result, the entire family stepped up their game, fostering a whopping 75 cats and kittens. But for Christina, the real joy was watching her dad flourish amidst this furry company. She said:

“His face every single time was exactly the same. He was just so excited to see them. He’s a sweet guy and a tender person, but he doesn’t want you to know that. And it was so fun for me to see the excitement.”

This heartwarming tale reminds us that everyone has the potential to be a cat lover. Those who claim otherwise simply haven’t given cats a chance to steal their hearts. 

Source: The Dodo

Once a cat captures your heart, there’s no turning back – you’re officially a cat lover for life.

So, if this story touched your heart, share it with your friends and challenge the non-cat lovers in your life. You might just witness a beautiful transformation as they surrender to the irresistible charm of our furry companions!