‘Dalmatian’ Kitten And Her Calico Sister Get A Fresh Start In Life

“They were very sick with eye infections so severe that we were unsure what the outcome would be.”
‘Dalmatian’ Kitten And Her Calico Sister Get A Fresh Start In Life

When these two tiny kittens were rescued, no one knew how beautiful and unique they were. 

Sadly, these feline sisters were in a rough shape and dirty, they had cloudy eyes, including upper respiratory infections.

However, the kittens had no intention of giving up, because their unwavering spirit and their bond to each other shone through.

When Thoa Bui, co-founder of Mini Cat Town in California, found out about these two kittens, she immediately took them to her rescue.

Credit: @minicattown

Upon meeting these two kittens, she was utterly captivated. Those were the two cutest kittens she had seen in a while. 

One of the kittens was calico, named Pumpkin, and the other had an interesting appearance with Dalmatian-like spots, and she was named Spice.

Credit: @minicattown

Both kittens required round-the-clock care, and Thoa was unwavering in her dedication. She recounted:

“They were very sick with eye infections so severe that we were unsure what the outcome would be.”

Thoa and her team were resolute in their mission to provide these kittens with a fresh start in life, starting with nursing their eyes back to health. Thoa said:

“During Pumpkin’s first couple nights with us, we just hoped she would make it because she was very unwell.”

Pumpkin’s condition was far more serious than Spice’s because the cloudiness in Spice’s eyes gradually cleared as she grew more active. 

Credit: @minicattown

On the other hand, Pumpkin required intensive care. Her condition was so bad that the team wasn’t sure if she’d make it through the first nights.

Fortunately, with Spice’s support and the team’s determination, Pumpkin slowly but surely improved. The swelling in her eyes was going down, but she kept growing in size and fluff. Thoa added:

“After about a week, while their eyes were still being treated, they started feeling better. We knew they would be okay once we saw them eating on their own and playing with each other.”

“Their newfound energy and playfulness is a far cry from their arrival when they were feeling so sick, sleeping a lot. Their eye treatment regiment was tough on them. We’re so proud of them for their perseverance.”

These two kittens made a full recovery thanks to Thoa and her remarkable team. However, what truly tugged at the heartstrings was the unbreakable bond they shared throughout their whole recovery process.

Credit: @minicattown

Their personalities couldn’t be more distinct, which perhaps makes their sisterly partnership even more special.

Spice is confident, energetic, playful, and curious while Pumpkin initially hid in the sister’s shadow, gradually coming out of her shell. Thoa added:

“The girls are quite bonded after going through so much together, and we can’t wait to find them a forever home once they are ready. Spice is super outgoing and loves to play. Pumpkin is a little more shy.”

However, the reason why Pumpkin was more shy could be because of her eye issues. Once her vision improved, she became more friendly and playful, as though she was finally copying what Spice was doing the whole time.

After fully recovering, these two beautiful feline sisters found brighter days awaiting them. They conquered all obstacles and, at last, found their forever home. 

Thoa couldn’t contain her joy as she shared the delightful news on Mini Cat Town:

“Pumpkin and Spice recently found their forever home with a wonderful family in Oregon!”

Hopefully, Pumpkin and Spice are living their best lives just as they deserve, especially after everything they have been through.

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