Foster Mom Films Two Of Her Kittens Skillfully Slipping Through Shutter Doors

Guided by their curiosity, the two fluffs wanted to explore what lay on the other side of the door.
Foster Mom Films Two Of Her Kittens Skillfully Slipping Through Shutter Doors

Cats are known to get into the weirdest areas, with their limber bodies twisting and turning into hiding spots that are oh-so-good. One would think they would learn this cleverness with age, but it truly starts when they’re kittens.

Although one foster parent is used to rescuing cats, she is still blown away by feline devious ways. She learned the hard way that it starts at an early age after two kittens snuck their tiny bodies through the smallest of cracks.

In a TikTok video last Sunday, which was posted to the account @disalsa4, two foster kittens started to peek their heads through a shutter door. Luckily, this door didn’t lead outside. Who knows where those two would’ve ended up?

But the fact that they were able to get from one room to the next by slipping through the door reveals quite a design flaw. The text on the video reads: “Whose idea was it to get shutter doors?”

Kittens sneak through shutter door

Screenshots show kittens walking through a shutter door.@DISALSA4/TIKTOK

The kittens popped their tiny heads through individual slots and peered into the other room. This probably caused a light bulb to go off in their heads because they then went full steam ahead.

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Using every muscle in their smaller-than-life bodies, they pulled themselves up and out to the other side of the door. The shutters moved slightly but not enough to get the kittens stuck. They were too quick. The kittens then plopped down on the ground and looked around, as if they were meant to do that.

The homeowner is going to have to change the shutter door soon before all the rest of the cats in this foster home start following the kittens’ lead.