List Of Black Cats With Blue Eyes

No cat lover will be unmoved by the sight of a black cat with blue eyes. Not only because of its rarity, but because of its stunning appearance.
List Of Black Cats With Blue Eyes

Wondering if black cats with blue eyes are real? Sleek, elegant dark coats and gorgeous sky-blue eyes is a combo that sounds more like feline fan fiction than a real cat breed you can welcome into the family. So, if you’re curious whether such a beauty actually exists, we’ve got both good and bad news. Keep reading to find out more! 

Do black cats with blue eyes exist?

Yes, black cats with blue eyes have graced the world with their existence, but unfortunately, they are on the rare side. The only black cat breed with genuine blue eyes is the Ojos Azules, a name that pays tribute to this feline’s beautiful eyes. Although we don’t know the exact number of Ojos Azules cats, we do know they’re extremely uncommon. 

What are the origins of the Ojos Azules cat breed?

The Ojos Azules breed was only recently discovered. In 1984 in New Mexico solid black kittens with intense blue eyes were born to a tortoiseshell cat, leading breeders to announce that a new cat breed had been discovered. However, there have been problems if two of these cats are bred together, with a high incidence of deformities in kittens. 

Very little is understood about the genetics behind black cats with blue eyes, so Ojos Azules cats are still among those rare breeds everyone adores and very few of us get to own. 

Why are black cat breeds with blue eyes rare?

There is a genetic link between coat and eye colour in cats, and blue eyes are found mainly in cats with light-coloured fur. The gene that is responsible for gorgeous blue eyes affects coat colour, giving us wonderful white cats with blue eyes

This correlation between coat colour and eye colour in cats means that black felines with blue eyes are very much the exception to the rule. If you have a black cat with blue eyes, they are truly special! 

Are there any black kittens with blue eyes?

Are there any black kittens with blue eyes?

Yes, and that’s because all kittens are born with blue eyes, regardless of their breed. New-born kittens have low levels of melanin. As they grow, the melanin levels increase which leads to changes in eye colour.

This will usually happen when the kitten is 6 weeks old, but it’s a process that can last up to 3 months in some cases. So technically, if your kitten has a black coat, you will have a member of the family with gorgeous blue eyes, but only for the first weeks of kittenhood.  

What eye colours are common in black cat breeds?

If your black kitten’s blue eyes are due to change during the first couple of months, you’re probably wondering what will they look like? Chances are the eyes will acquire either a golden hue or a cool green shade. This is why you’re more likely to see black cats with yellow or green eyes than dark felines with blue eyes. 

What cat breeds have dark coats and blue eyes?

Unfortunately, solid black coats and blue eyes don’t come together very often in the feline world. But there are a few cats that come pretty close to it. Their coats are dark grey or brown, but their faces sport a darker colour and their eyes are a gorgeous blue. That’s a wonderful combination if you ask us. 


Those few dark patches in their coat make a heavenly combo with their light-blue eyes. But the Balinese cats are not just beautiful pets, they are also a joy to be around thanks to their playful and inquisitive nature. Like Siamese cats, they can be very vocal! 


Tonkinese cats come with a fabulous dark-masked face that blends into a lighter colour. But combine that with beautiful light-blue eyes and you’ve got a cat that’s impossible to ignore. They are usually sociable cats with an active personalities, so be ready for plenty of exciting play sessions with this feline friend. 




Although the Siamese is not entirely black, their smoky coat colour combines beautifully with their deep blue eyes. The result is a striking feline that oozes elegance and ‘wows’ owners with their remarkable intelligence and loyalty. 



The Birman is not exactly a black cat with blue eyes, but we think there is enough darkness in its coat to make those light eyes stand out and deliver the same gorgeous effect. If you’re after a laidback feline friend, this may be a breed you will want to consider. 

Hopefully, that’s answered all your questions about black cats with blue eyes and the felines that come very close to this rare beauty standard. Explore the gorgeous white cat breeds next, the family where blue eyes are much more of a common sight.