List Of Black Cats With Green Eye Color

Seeing a black cat with green eyes is never bad luck for me, I don’t know if it is good luck either, but I do know it is a beautiful sight to see.
List Of Black Cats With Green Eye Color

Black cats with green eyes have long been shrouded in mysticism and superstition. Their inky midnight fur and enchanting viridescent eyes have led many people to believe these miniature panthers are somewhat otherworldly.

Sorcery aside, their looks, elegance, and loving nature make them popular among cat owners. Below, I’ll explain the historic symbolism behind these gorgeous felines and their genetic makeup. I’ve also listed 11 of the best cat breeds that can have all-black fur and green eyes. 

fluffy siberian cat

The Symbolism Behind Black Cats with Green Eyes 

Superstitions are fascinating, but have you ever really thought about it? How, over time, have certain beliefs become so ingrained in our cultures that we don’t even question how they arose or if they are indeed true? 

Take black cats with green eyes, for example. First worshiped by the ancient Egyptians, hunted during the Salem Witch Trials, brought onto boats by sailors as good luck omens – black cats have been through it all. Their symbolic transition throughout history has seen them go from gloom-ridden symbols of misfortune and evil to more positive ones of protection and prosperity. 


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Focusing here on more modern-day symbolic meanings, it’s believed that these cats somehow watch over the spirit world. They are known to help with our intuition and provide insight into spiritual activity. Some even believe that black cats with green eyes help guide our healing journeys, as they are very in tune with our emotions. 

The Genetics of Black Cats with Green Eyes 

Did you know that all kittens are born with blue eyes and don’t develop pigmentation in their irises until around seven weeks old? Green is a standard eye color for black cat breeds, although yellow and amber eyes are the most common across all cats. 

A black cat’s green eyes are attributed to the amount of melanin in its DNA. Green-eyed cats have very little melanin in their eyes. Cats with amber, yellow, and hazel eyes have more melanin. Blue-eyed cats, however, have no melanin in their eyes at all. 

Genetics for a cat’s coat color is rather complicated, but here’s a simple explanation: melanin is also the pigment responsible for black fur in cats. Male kittens inherit their color from their mother, while female kittens inherit it from both parents. 



Image by Gavin Allanwood on Unsplash 

Although green eyes in cats are relatively common, it’s rare to find a cat with all-black fur. Most black cats will have some color variation, whether in their paw pads, whiskers, or random patches of hair. 

Studies have shown that black cats may have a genetic advantage. Their dark coats allow them to hide better from predators at night and permit them to hunt their prey more discreetly. The same gene that causes their black fur may have also allowed them to evolve into healthier cats less prone to diseases such as feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). 

11 Black Cat Breeds with Green Eyes

Black cats with green eyes come in all physical appearances and personalities. From long-haired black cat breeds to hairless ones, 22 feline breeds can have all-black fur with green eyes. Below are 11 types of black cats that can have green eyes.


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Long-Haired Black Cats with Green Eyes 

These cats tend to have dramatic appearances and are all-round fluffy and adorable. From the outgoing Japanese Bobtail to the cuddly Maine Coon, long-haired black cats are super sweet. 

1. Japanese Bobtail 

Japanese Bobtails are super outgoing and friendly. They are medium-sized and native to the areas surrounding Japan. Their ‘bobtail’ name comes from their cute little ‘bunny tail’ as a result of a natural genetic mutation, and it’s usually no longer than three inches. 

Japanese Bobtails are one of the long-haired cat breeds that make excellent pets because they love to play, perfect for families with children. They’re even known to bring you their toys for a game of fetch. 

2. Persian  

Persian cats are among the best indoor cat breeds because of their chilled nature. These black fluffy cats tend to be relatively quiet and sweet. As medium to large-sized cats, they love to lounge around and are not always in demand for your attention. 

Make no mistake — these beautiful cats love to be petted and cuddled. You’ll often find your Persian cat cuddled up in a sunny corner of a room. They can be relatively reserved around you until you get to know them. 

persian-cat black cats with green eyes


Image by Madalyn Cox on Unsplash 

3. American Longhair 

American Longhairs are peaceful and independent cats slightly more athletic than Persians. They love the outdoors and get on well with other animals, making them perfect additions to farms and stables. 

Although not necessarily a ‘lap cat,’ American longhairs make excellent companions. They are easy to train and are known to walk nicely on a leash for cat walking. However, they tend to be avid hunters — so keep an eye on your birds and fish! 

4. Maine Coon 

As the largest domesticated cat in the world, the Maine Coon has a personality to complement its size. Much like a dog, they have a pack mentality. They love to be around people and will even come when called. Overall, Maine Coons are gentle, sweet-tempered cats. 

As far as fluffy black cat breeds go, the Maine Coon has an extraordinarily shaggy yet silky coat, with a black coat being one of the more common Maine Coon colors. They have almost a lion-like mane surrounding their faces, adding to their majestic demeanor and appearance.



Image by Madalyn Cox on Unsplash 

Short-Haired Black Cats with Green Eyes 

Due to their sleek appearance, short-haired black cats with green eyes are strikingly beautiful. These cats make the perfect family additions because of their intelligence and playful natures. 

5. Bombay 

The Bombay is the only cat breed exclusively black with green eyes. Because of their sleek, panther-like coat, these felines are also known as tiny jungle cats. But they are actually gentle, affectionate, and love cuddles. 

Bombays are generally highly active, intelligent, and curious. For this reason, if they’re not properly stimulated, you may come home to a few damaged items. That’s why the Bombay cat may lean towards being a more aggressive cat breed — but that’s just because of their prominent personalities. 


Image by James Park on Unsplash 

6. British Shorthair 

The British Shorthair is a big-eyed cat breed with large shiny eyes and a short to medium coat. They are incredibly loyal and loving towards their family. Although they love to be around their owners, British Shorthairs are not necessarily cuddly lap cats. 

Their coats need daily brushing during seasonal changes, as they can shed a lot. They can also gain weight rather quickly, so be careful not to overfeed your British Shorthair. Overall, they have a very calm and easy-going nature.

7. Oriental Shorthair 

Distinguished by their large ears, and slender, muscular bodies, Oriental Shorthairs are known for being loyal and playful. They are very interested and lively with lots of energy. They are agile creatures that are highly skilled jumpers. 

As a hypoallergenic cat breed, oriental shorthairs are an excellent option for people with allergies. They are known for being very vocal and have no trouble voicing their opinions. They love attention and affection and therefore make the perfect family addition. 



Image by Anton Khmelnitsky on Unsplash 

8. American Curl 

Also known as the Peter Pan of cats, American Curls retain their kitten-like demeanor well into adulthood. The American Curl is a small cat breed that loves to love. 

They are distinguished by their dainty little ears that curl backwards, giving them a short, almost stubby appearance. 

They have beautiful temperaments and get along well with other animals and kids. These cats prefer to be around people, yet they are the perfect combination of cuddly and clingy. They are true soulmates for life. 

Hairless & Curly Haired Black Cats with Green Eyes 

Although rather unique, hairless and curly-haired black cats are little orbs of energy. These cats tend to become extremely attached to their humans and love to portray their larger-than-life characters. 

9. Sphinx 

If you’re searching for a weird cat breed with plenty of personality, look no further than the Sphinx. They are guaranteed to mesmerize you with their funny, alien-like appearance. Although Sphinxes are often referred to as hairless, they do have a very thin layer of ‘peach fuzz’. 

Sphinxes are friendly, loving, energetic, and always keen to put on a show for you. Their hilarious, sassy personalities are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. These cats are fascinating in how childlike they are in that they crave human attention and company. 

10. Cornish Rex 

These outgoing kitties are a joy to be around. Their silly, clownish personalities make them highly social. They are vocal and insistent and love being around people. As one of the most friendly cat breeds, you’ll make a companion for life with a Cornish Rex. 

Because of their thin, curly coats, these cats love to snuggle under a blanket to keep warm. Rexs will also need regular baths, as their skin can get quite oily. They are utterly attached to their human, so expect a little shadow following you around at all times. 



Image by Lili on Unsplash 

11. Devon Rex 

Devon Rexes are more relaxed and laid back than their Cornish cousins, who are highly affectionate yet observant. They are a unique cat breed that loves to watch closely and contemplate their surroundings – not far from their owner, of course. 

They will quickly befriend other family members – whether it be a child, a dog, or a fellow cat. They love a good nap and curling up on the sofa with their family, hence why they make great companions for seniors or people living in apartments. 

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In a Nutshell: Black Cats with Green Eyes 

Black cats with green eyes exist in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. Nowadays, they are commonly sought after by pet owners due to their physical appearance and quirky nature. Some common black cat breeds with green eyes include Bombay, Persians, and British Shorthairs. 

black siberian cat

If you are lucky enough to come across a black cat with green eyes, give them an extra cuddle or scratch behind the ears. Who knows, you may experience some good fortune coming your way.