Shelter Cat Meows Softly Just To Get Adopted

I went to the shelter and when I started to walk away from him to go see some other cats, he meowed at me.
Shelter Cat Meows Softly Just To Get Adopted

In a world where many adult shelter cats are often overlooked, there are a few who hold the magical key to capture our hearts.

Meet Atlas, a charming tabby boy who knew just how to steal his human’s heart from the moment they met.

His owner, Rebecca, recalled the heartwarming moment:

“I went to the shelter and when I started to walk away from him to go see some other cats, he meowed at me.”

Although there wasn’t much information available about Atlas, Rebecca discovered that he had lived with someone in the past who fed him table scraps.

Credit: atlas.meows

Initially, adopting him was a hesitant decision, as he would be her first cat. However, in just five short minutes, it became abundantly clear that their destinies were intertwined. 

So, in 2018, in Orlando, Florida, Rebecca officially welcomed Atlas into her life.

As Rebecca got to know Atlas better, she noticed something unique about his physical appearance – he was missing a tail. She said:

“I also noticed right away that he was missing a tail. Best guess is that he was born that way. He only has the nub so it just wiggles.”

In terms of personality, Atlas is a bit on the shy side, particularly around new people. Rebecca explained:

“When new people come over, he runs and hides immediately.”

However, she also shared her secret to calming Atlas down – she sings to him, coaxing him out from under the bed when guests arrive. She added:

“And if he rubs his head, on my hand, that’s how I know he is comfortable enough to come out, and he’ll do a little meow.”

Credit: atlas.meows

Atlas is like a master of meows. He has quite a range of meows, but prefers the soft and silent ones, especially when he’s cuddly, sleepy, or happy.

His nighttime antics include entertaining himself and indulging in a synchronized routine of stretching, meowing, and sticking his tongue out. According to Rebecca:

“It’s the most hilarious thing ever.”

Atlas possesses a special knack for recognizing his loved ones by their scent. However, there are moments when this doesn’t go precisely as planned. 

For instance, when Rebecca returns from a trip, Atlas sometimes struggles to recognize her and opts for hiding until she serenades him. 

Credit: atlas.meows

Yet, the most comical scenario unfolds when he fails to recognize his fellow feline friend after a trip to the groomer. Rebecca chuckled as she recounted:

“He went up to him, gave him a big smell, and hissed at him in his face, because he is like, you don’t smell like him.”

Credit: atlas.meows

Rebecca couldn’t have made a better choice that day at the Florida shelter. Atlas is a lovely cat who’s always by her side, especially during rough days. 

In return, Rebecca showers Atlas with boundless love and devotion, ensuring his happiness and well-being for the rest of his life!