This Bookstore Is A Purrfect Place For Cat Lovers Who Love To Read

This bookstore has become a haven for cat enthusiasts and bookworms alike.
This Bookstore Is A Purrfect Place For Cat Lovers Who Love To Read

What more could we ask for in life than a cozy book nook and a purring companion? 

I don’t know about you, but I adore my feline friends and lose myself in the world of books. There’s something truly magical about snuggling up with a warm, fluffy “purrito” while diving into a good book!

Recently, I came across a delightful bookstore Otis & Clementine’s Books & Coffee, and I just had to share it with all of you!While I haven’t had the chance to visit yet, it’s definitely on my to-do list.

This bookstore has become a haven for cat enthusiasts and bookworms alike. 

Credit: Otis & Clementine’s

As you explore the shelves, you’ll notice curious, whiskered faces peering at you from cozy nooks and crannies between the books.

Feel free to savor a cup of coffee, immerse yourself in a book, and snuggle with these bundles of furry joy! 

The kittens here are always eager for a gentle pet and a lap to curl up on. They’ll either be napping or playing until they spot a friendly face ready to indulge in some cuddle time.

Credit: Otis & Clementine’s

One of the most heartwarming aspects is that if you happen to fall in love with one of these adorable kittens, you can seamlessly initiate the adoption process. Isn’t that fantastic?

The ultimate goal of bookstore owner Ellen Helmke is to help these kittens find their forever homes. Every cat and kitten in the store is available for adoption.

Credit: Otis & Clementine’s

How This Purrfect Tale Began

Now, let’s talk about how this purrfect tale began. The bookstore has been a part of the community for many years, and when Ellen realized the space available inside, she decided to do some good with it. 

That’s when she had the brilliant idea of fostering and aiding cats and kittens in finding their forever families.

“In partnership with the Dartmouth SPCA, we provide a safe, fun-filled space for adoptable foster kitties looking for their fur-ever family. For an adoption application, please contact Dartmouth SPCA. Cats come and go at unpredictable intervals. If you are planning a visit to meet some cats, please call first to be sure there are cats the day you visit.”

Credit: Otis & Clementine’s

All kittens are vaccinated, vet-checked, and receive necessary tests and treatments either before or within the first few days of their arrival.

This bookstore is truly a remarkable place, combining the magic of kittens in need with the love of literature. 

It is at the same time unique and helpful. Just the idea of combining kittens in need with a place like this is brilliant!

Ellen’s goal was worth a while! They’ve successfully helped over 30 cats and kittens find homes so far, and their adoption rate is an astounding 100%.

As Ellen shared with Global News:

“People come here specifically to see the cats, and then some people just wander in to look at books and discover there are kittens. Either way, the response has been really great – I mean, who doesn’t love kittens, right?”

Credit: Otis & Clementine’s

“I’m so happy to make my customers happy when they come in and they’re just thrilled to see a kitten they weren’t expecting… It’s amazing and makes me happy to come to work.”

I couldn’t agree more with Ellen! Personally, working from home allows me to spend more precious time with my playful fur babies.

Otis & Clementine’s Books & Coffee is definitely on my must-visit list. How about yours?