This Is One Of The Biggest Maine Coons You’ll Ever See

Many people think he’s a dog at first.
This Is One Of The Biggest Maine Coons You’ll Ever See

Nowadays, it’s not so hard for a cat to go viral online. There are countless photos and videos of cats doing stuff or simply existing. However, some of them truly stand out because of their unique features. 

Just like Kefir, the Maine Coon that’s so big that people think he’s a dog at first. His owner, Yuliya Minina, proudly shares photos of her cat that’s pretty famous.

Kefir is almost three years old, and he might just grow even more during this year. 

“It’s normal for Maine Coons to keep growing up until they are 3 years old. It’s funny how others react when they see the cat because he is huge. Many people think he’s a dog at first.”

Kefir is famous for his size. His owner, Yuliya, bought him when he was a tiny kitten and brought him to live with her.

Now he’s almost three years old and pretty huge!

Yuliya shared how she liked him because his fur was so beautiful and white. That’s how he got his name, Kefir, too. Kefir is a dairy drink, and the cat is solid white. 

Kefir is an affectionate and gentle pet cat. He’s treated like a true family member in their home, and he always sits at the table with the family while they dine. 

He’s also formed some sort of habit to jump on Yuliya at night when she goes to sleep. 

“He didn’t do that when he was smaller, and it wouldn’t be that inconvenient, but now the cat has become very big and heavy. It’s not that easy to sleep like that.”

Kefir is just a tiny, little kitten trapped inside the body of a majestic giant. 

What do you think of the cat? Have you ever seen such a beautiful, solid white Maine Coon?