Twin Kittens Were All Alone On The Street Until Rescuers Found Them

“They weren’t socialized when they were brought to me. They hadn’t had very much human interaction.”
Twin Kittens Were All Alone On The Street Until Rescuers Found Them

Let me share with you the heartwarming story of two lucky feline brothers. They were just young kittens left on the streets of Philadelphia to fend for themselves. 

However, once animal rescuers discovered them, their furry lives blossomed.

The story kicks off when a couple of animal rescuers from Kolony Kats stumbled upon a pair of timid tabby kittens, desperately seeking food and shelter.

Source: @phillykittylady_fosters

Due to their shyness, fear, and confusion, the rescuers knew they couldn’t simply scoop these kittens from the street. So, they devised a plan – setting a humane trap to ensure the safety of the twin kittens.

Luckily, rescuing them turned out to be easier than they thought, giving hope that the journey ahead might be easy as well.

Finding A Foster Home

Source: @phillykittylady_fosters

The next step was to secure a safe haven for these adorable tabbies. That was when Erica, a volunteer for Charlie’s Army Animal Rescue in Philadelphia, stepped in to help and welcome the twins with open arms. Erica said:

“They weren’t socialized when they were brought to me. They hadn’t had very much human interaction.”

The poor furry souls were very confused when they arrived in foster care, so they chose to stay in their hideout for a while. However, after only a couple of days, their attitude began to change, slowly but surely. Erica added:

“They were barely five weeks old. For the first day or so, they wouldn’t come out of their carrier, or they’d run back in whenever I came in their room.”

Source: @phillykittylady_fosters

Remarkably, it took these feline twins only 48 hours to transform into affectionate purring machines. They surprised Erica by how quickly they warmed up to her. 

No longer did they seek refuge; instead, they embraced their new lives and decided to take the most out of them.

Tabby Twins Loving Their ‘Foster Dads’

Little and Big, as Erica named the twins, started enjoying the comfort of an indoor life. However, the real magic began when they crossed paths with Erica’s resident cat, Forest.

Forest, an expert in welcoming new kittens, was dying to meet the new feline friends from the moment they arrived. Yet, the twins had to wait to be perfectly healthy to be able to hang out with other felines.

Source: @phillykittylady_fosters

In the meantime, they communicated through the door, eagerly awaiting the day they could finally meet. Erica recalled the moment:

“When he started singing, one of the kittens ran up to the door and started meowing.”

Finally, once the tabby twins were ready to meet the rest of the feline crew, they became the happiest kittens in the world. 

To everyone’s delight, they seamlessly integrated as if they had always been a part of the clan. Erica explained:

“My two adult cats, Forest and Sloane, love kittens, and they have helped Big and Little with their confidence and learning kitten manners.”

Erica’s cats quickly accepted the new kittens and began showering them with love and affection. Big would snuggle next to Sloane to be loved on, while Little would curl up next to Forest. 

They were all so adorable together, especially when Forest would wrap his paw around Little as they nap. Erica said:

“Sloane was taking a bath, and Big climbed up next to him, so he could get a bath, too.”

Sloane and Forest are purrfect foster parents and always help Erica on her mission with foster kittens. She said:

“They taught them how to play nicely and just be good kittens. I often find them sleeping curled up with one of their ‘foster dads’.”

Big and Little turned out to be real attention seekers. They would simply flop over on the side with their belly up, and start purring, asking you for attention and long cuddle sessions. 

As time passed by, the kittens’ true personalities began to shine through. Erica said:

“Big is the leader and the more outgoing of the two. Little follows his lead. They are equal parts playful and cuddly. They sleep in my bed almost every night.”

Erica was amazed at how quickly these twin kittens adapted to their new life, saying:

“They took a couple of days to adjust to indoor life, but ever since they haven’t looked back.”

Big and Little are incredibly fortunate kittens. Not only were they rescued from the streets, but they were also raised around two loving house cats who taught them everything they needed to know.

Happily Ever After

Once these twin kittens completed their socialization journey, they were ready to find their forever home, a place where they could grow and thrive together.

Finally, after a couple of months of waiting, they found a purrfect family. Big and Little, now known as Obi and Anakin, were adopted by a loving family who already have two other cats, Simba and Nala.

two cats are standing and looking at the camera

Source: @phillykittylady_fosters

After sharing the great news with her followers, Erica wrote in the caption below the kittens’ photo:

“So far, their new mom says that they are so incredibly sweet and loving and have already made themselves at home. After being sprung from the adoption cage, she reported that they spent the night running laps around her bedroom and taking breaks to sleep in her bed.”

The transition to their new home was gradual, as the kittens’ new mom followed recommended procedures for introducing them to her resident cats. However, Big and Little were very curious to meet their new big brother and sister.

Source: @phillykittylady_fosters

In the end, this rescue mission exceeded expectations, ensuring that these twin kittens found a forever home filled with love. Erica added:

“It was frustrating for me that it took so long to find them home, but I’m so happy that their new family seems great and is absolutely smitten with them.”

This heartwarming tale reminds us of the extraordinary journeys that many rescue animals embark upon, transforming from vulnerable strays to cherished family members. 

It’s all thanks to the dedication, compassion, and unwavering love of individuals like Erica and the loving families who open their hearts and homes to these furry friends.