15 Chaotic Pets Who Are The Master Of Pawkward Situations

Pet behavior is a random walk.
15 Chaotic Pets Who Are The Master Of Pawkward Situations

Pet behavior is a random walk.

I know I am a bit over the top with all these finance department references but what can I do, you become what you study. Anyways, we usually associate random walk with stock prices by saying stock prices follow a random walk. And what I mean when I say that is the stock price changes are completely random and cannot be predicted. So one moment it could be this, the other, that. Very random.

I associate random walk with pet behavior because, and I am sure you guys have already guessed it by now, it is extremely random and unpredictable. One moment your pet could be looking absolutely gorgeous and adorable in what it is doing and the very next moment, it could be involved in some of the most awkward situations you could think of. That’s who animals are and we love them so much for that exact same reason. A proper source of entertainment, that’s what they bring with them when you adopt them. After all, they realize the efforts their humans make for them, and intentionally or unintentionally, they do return the favor, time to time.

Let’s enjoy these 15 pet animals putting on a real show.

1. “I’m 18,624 points from ’glorious,’ so here’s a picture of my dog with 2 balls in his mouth.”

Via MisterMcGibblits / Imgur

2. “My dog dug up a section of the lawn so I fixed it and then roped it off. Went outside and found her like this.”

Via TomNJ / Reddit

3. “Internet, meet Finn.”

Via goodluckdontdie / Reddit

4. “I was repotting my agave when I looked inside and saw my cat like this.”

Via VQ37HR911 / Reddit

5. “My dog really loves bubbles.”

I think it sees another dimension through the bubbles.

Via MarvelousFizz / Reddit

6. “Not sure if that’s how you’re supposed to do it, bud.”

Via emilykeefer / Reddit

7. “The bag observes.”

Via TwoTimeToj / Reddit

Oh my god! Ladies and gentlemen, I swear we did not deserve these animals right from the get-go. The number of things that they do for us, and I am only talking about the ones they do unknowingly. don’t even get me started on the things they do for us knowingly. They trust us like we mean so much to them. That is the level of trust we need to learn how to have. Even though these poor animals often get abandoned by their owners they thought loved them so much, yet these animals stand up, shrug it off, and continue their search for love because even they know, they deserve the best furever home there is to exist.

8. “The ring bearer understood his mission.”

Via DrForester / Imgur

9. “So much sass. Such little cat.”

Via timemanagement77 / Reddit

10. “Here’s my cat at 4 a.m. with a bag of mini marshmallows.”

Via SirSalabeanus / Reddit

11. “Whenever I make spaghetti for dinner, my cat finds an un-rinsed dish and ends up with marinara blush.”

Via braceofjackrabbits / Reddit

12. “Kevin took a visit to the Land Behind the Dryer.”

Via A_minus_A / Reddit

13. “He’s trying to get his tenth life!”

Via tyneboys / Reddit

14. “When Stan is lying on the table like that, he doesn’t have a pot belly at all.”

Via RAMSAZY / Imgur

15. “I feel like I’m being watched.”

Via Hocus****s / Imgur

I really hope you guys enjoyed these dummies in awkward situations. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.