15 People Who Had No Hearts For Dogs Now Can’t Live Without Them

People Who Had No Hearts For Dogs
15 People Who Had No Hearts For Dogs Now Can’t Live Without Them

Preferences and opinions should be respected. There are many people in the world who are against adopting a pet. There are also people who do want to adopt but would either go for a cat and never for a dog, and vice versa. A cat person may not be a dog person and there could be many reasons for that. Some people just don’t like them from the get-go, and some don’t have the time, space, or money to get a pet. And then there are also those people who have had a bad experience with an animal so they are entirely against the concept of having an animal around them,

In all cases however what these people don’t understand is that once that animal comes into their life, it will make sure to convince their human into falling in love with them. The most robust policies change when the animal actually comes in close contact with the person who initially didn’t want it at all.

Today, we are going to enjoy some pictures of dogs with people who did not want a dog in their life at all. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. He said he hated little dogs.

2. This dad said he won’t live in the house if the family got a dog. Look at him now.

3. This guy said neither do we have the space nor do we have the time to adopt a dog.

4. This dad is currently holding a puppy he told his wife he did not want at all.

5. Mr. Boyfriend over here was a full-on cat person and swore never to adopt a dog.

6. Dad holding Janie in his arms was fully against the concept of adopting dogs.

7. At first he didn’t need a dog in the house. Now he lets it sleep on his foot.

This is the magic these cuties possess. It’s like you lose all ability to say “no” to a dog when you actually see it. I am sure these people realized what a mistake they were making by not adopting a pet. At least they realized their error in time, now they are lucky people.

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8. In no way was he agreeing to have a puppy in the house. This is how they sleep now and he absolutely loves spoiling it too.

9. It took 10 years for this mother to convince her husband to get a dog. Now he feels like he should’ve listened long ago.

10. After getting the cat, he said he was not yet ready to get a pet dog.

11. His excuse was he is not into small dogs.

12. He was annoyed when the family was planning to adopt a dog. Now he annoys the dog by kissing and hugging it all the time.

13. This dad is keeping the very dog warm in his jacket that he didn’t want to get his son.

14. You know it was a lie when this dad said he is done with pets.

15. He said he will only allow a dog in the house if no responsibilities are put on him. Now he voluntarily walks it and picks up after it as well.

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Cat tax.

“My cat has strategically chewed a hole for his head in his favorite cardboard box.’’