15 Pets Who Made Sure That Work From Home Is Never Boring For Their Humans

Pets Who Made Sure That Work From Home Is Never Boring
15 Pets Who Made Sure That Work From Home Is Never Boring For Their Humans

Pets are our most devoted friends, yet when we go to work, we are frequently compelled to leave our furry buddy alone for eight or more hours per day. It may be difficult for you as a pet owner to be away while feeling a continual tug of guilt, and it may be even more terrible for your pet, who has a full, lonely day anticipating your return. If you have a dog or a cat, and you started working from home, well then you can expect frequent trips from your pet while you try to concentrate at work. These furry breaks allow you to spend more time with your pet, which has additional health benefits for both you and your pet. Because who can resist these adorable creatures when they want to get a pet or two from you or when they look at you with those big doe eyes asking to be petted?!

Due to the Covid-19 situation, more and more people started working from home some people like having their furry friends as coworkers while some people want to go back to being with their actual coworkers with whom they could share gossip and small talks all day long. Working from home served as a benefit to pet owners and their pets certainly took advantage of this time and showered their owners with lots of love and affection. Here are some of the owners who shared their cute pictures of pets; some of whom were surprised to see their owners at home on a weekday and some who just want to get all the cuddles from their owners!

1. Who can resist those eyes?!

2. This kind of behavior is gonna be reported to the pupper management!

3. “My husband has been working from home since March 27 but Marty still waits for him at the front door at 5pm every day”

4. “Who is gonna pay for the food, if you stay at home all day!?!”

“My dog doesn’t get why I’m working from home.. he is very suspicious.”

5. “So, you’re telling me that it is a weekend. EVERYDAY!”

6. A bored Collie…

“A border collie working from home.”

7. ” Hi, I’m Mr. Belarus. I will assist you in your work from home from now!”

8. That is one adorable coworker!

“My coworker today is quiet & still but really doesn’t understand social distancing.”

9. “Oh, is this the file you want?!”

10. Working from home means cuddles all the time!

11. Working from home and having this view every day? Purrfect!

12. This could seriously increase some work pawductivity!

13. Not only at home. Pets can be a bundle of joy at the office too!

14. If this were to happen, it could lead to a cat-astrophe!

15. “Do you need any help in your editing, hooman?!”