20 Wholesome Stories Shared By Owners About Their Pets’ Names

Owners love pets as their own biological children.
20 Wholesome Stories Shared By Owners About Their Pets’ Names

Owners love pets as their own biological children.

And I do not exaggerate that statement by one bit. The owner’s love for their pet is so pure and healthy, that you feel that they were always meant to be together. In fact, many pet owners don’t like being referred to as owners of their pets, they prefer terms like “best friend”, “parent”, “companion”, and more happy words like these. One very important thing that is due for any family when a new member enters their life is to give that member a name. Selecting the name is a proper process with so many rejections and shortlisting, after all, it is going to be associated with the new member forever, and believe it or not, it does impact your personality in a way. That feeling is the same if we talk about newly adopted pets, owners want to give them a very cool name and everyone has their own criteria to decide the names for their pet animals. The only advantage in terms of pets is that there are basically no limits when it comes to naming them. See you can’t really name your kid BusterBeans but you can name your pet that, in fact, it would sound very cool but not on a human being.

Today we will be looking at a very amusing thread that includes pet parents sharing touching stories of themselves and related others about how their pets’ names did wonders one day. The Twitter thread was stated by user @mushenska and slowly the rest pooled in with their stories. You guys are going to love this one.

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1. See that’s what I was talking about, there are absolutely no limits when it comes to naming an animal.

I really don’t know why but it does have a nice ring to it, if you think of JPEG as a name and not a file format.

Via cefmac94 / Twitter

2. They really didn’t have to do much thinking while deciding on this cat’s name. Imagine humans being named after the hospitals they were born in.

No one will ever forget its origin.

Via Crazywolf0107 / Twitter

3. Maybe they were calling your chicken and you both at the same time and you had no idea about it.

Or if there was a person in that waiting area who had the name of your chicken and your surname, that would’ve been very cool.

Via jendavies / Twitter

4. With names like those, it will always be a handful, mate.

Via Hobbikats / Twitter

5. Uh ho, this is sad and hilarious at the same time.

Via mrymsdq / Twitter

6. Guess who’s evil now, Mr. Jones?

Cat 1: 0 Jones

Via redwellyfeats / Twitter

7. I cannot imagine someone calling satan towards them with that cheerful, high-pitched voice we normally use while communicating with pets.

Via eden2636 / Twitter

8. Your grandfather is a really creative man.

When you name your animals just to get a laugh out of others, does that make your animal a laughing stock?

Via dayslikethese / Twitter

9. Those names make them sound like they were Greek rulers in the past.

Via Nicole9volt / Twitter

I swear this is so hilarious. I am loving it. The names are so cute and the stories are really fun to go through. I mean you have got to give it to these pet owners for coming up with these amazing names. I mean yeah, they aren’t really names but who cares, they are very cool and the pets recognize them so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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10. Classic. If I could, I would name everyone in my house Elvis. Love that name.

Via ElvisBojangles  / Twitter

11. Everytime you call the cat’s name, you are saying something in cat language which would mean something different every time.

One Miao Miao could mean “Come here”, and another one could mean “You suck”. It depends on the cat and how it interprets Miaos.

Via mrsangiecox / Twitter

12. You just don’t associate names like Tinkerbell with a freakin Rottweiler. That is absurd and uncontrollably hilarious.

Via charli_says / Twitter

13. That is so cute.

Via farhanagani11 / Twitter

14. Stan Lee was a legend and I am sure this cat lives up to the name like a boss.

Via al_iciamarie / Twitter

15. This person wins the award for giving the best names to their pets.

Via MrsNJGiles / Twitter

16. Why be embarrassed when you were to give it that name.

Via rozya / Twitter

17. One must always ask the name of the pet if going to grab them from the vet on owner’s behave because they can b tricky at times.

Via CarolineHulse1 / Twitter

18. This cat has its own surname. That is cool.

Via CourtneyButton2 / Twitter

19. Oh no, big sexy was such a cool name.

Via stirfryedshana / Twitter

20. These people just go blasting out of the box to come up with names for their pets.

Via ryannwith2ns / Twitter

I really hope you guys had a good time going through these wholesome stories. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.