25 “Extra” Cats Who Got A Double Dose Of Charm From Nature

Cats Who Got A Double Dose Of Charm
25 “Extra” Cats Who Got A Double Dose Of Charm From Nature

Every cat is somewhat distinctive from the other, whether it’s something different about their features, looks, or how they are as a whole. Even so, they are as adorable as it gets! As cat lovers, we can’t help but love any and all kinds of cats, even with so many differences. We even go as far as to learn all the details about different species! Talk about dedication. A cat parent can go on and on about how ridiculously admirable their pet is and how does it stand out among all other cats. And to be honest, we’d definitely agree with them (until we go to another cat parent).

Cat is a natural charm that nature has blessed us with. This charm gets multiplied if your cat owns something unique or different especially referring to its appearance. Here we have collected cats who have something astonishingly different about how they look – you’ll surely be uttering awws over those paws. These pictures are not to be missed. So we suggest you leave whatever you are doing and check them out.

Scroll down and don’t forget to enjoy!

1. “Our new kitten is so black, her features don’t show up on film.”

via © scrotal_rekall / Reddit

Beauty in black. Where are the eyes though?

2. “My kitten has a bow tie on his mouth.”

via © koreanadian / Reddit

If Charlie Chaplin was a cat.

3. “My roommate’s cat Callie has a spot on her foot that’s shaped like her own face.”

via © Att_Jaid / Reddit

Tattooed paw cat

4. This cat with a broken heart on its body.

via © MrSoeedy68 / Reddit

5. “My cat’s thumbs are really big.”

via © mmmnootnoot / Reddit

Wow, am I the only one who thinks this is odd and fascinating at the same time?!

6. “My friend’s cat looks like it has a Cheeto puff for a lip.”

via © Icorbinator / Reddit

Cat, did you steal my Cheetos?

7. “It looks like my cat has full lips! Not sure but I never saw it on another cat.”

via © Intellig******s / Reddit

She must’ve got those lip fillers

8. “This cat I met today has only one ginger paw.”

via © SweetJazz25 / Reddit

Ginger paw, the successor of Garfield. But what a great name for a superhero!

9. “It seems his jumps will be heard all the way in space thanks to his huge paws.”

via © Adrian_San / Reddit

10. “My vet says my cat has an abnormally long tail.”

via © meldiane81 / Reddit

Rapunzel with a long tail instead of hair.

If you thought these were adorable, wait till you see what we have in store for you next. Some of these are too cute not to stop and admire. So we do understand if it’s taking you some time to scroll down but let us remind you that this does not end here. Keep on scrolling and keep on enjoying!

11. “My new kitten who can grow a better mustache than I can!”

via © Spunkymonkey899 / Reddit

What’s a man-kitty without a mustache?

12. “The color of my kitten’s foot is split down the middle.”

via © TheAbominableRex / Reddit

13. “The cat I just adopted has spot patterns that are reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington.”

via © lessthanjenn / Reddit

Did you get the cat right before Christmas?

14. “The white marking on my cat looks like another cat holding onto him”

via © Infamous_Scientist_7 / Reddit

A warm white hug

15. “My cat Ozzy has one long, white whisker.”

via © paperbagman9 / Reddit

Mr. white whisker growing old.

16. “My cat has a chiseled jawline.”

via © R_J_Law / Reddit

The purr-fect contour, kitty!

17. “I want you to meet Emil. Nothing wrong with him. That’s just the way he looks.”

via © der_herr_herbert / Reddit

The resting cat face.

18. “My cat Domino has heterochromia that has a side-effect of light reflecting differently in each eye, causing him to look like the Terminator!”

via © SgtNene / Reddit

Wouldn’t want to be face to face with this one at night.

19. 7 Black beans of luck

via © Triceratons / Reddit

Thank god the total beans would be 14 in total, not 13! That might be canceling the bad luck, jk all kitties are adorable no matter the color

20. Devil with the face of an angel

via © seanasy / Reddit

Those eyes speak of the devil too!

21. “My cat has a mustache!”

via © _Addish / Reddit

Another one with a mustache! There are more cats than men with mustaches. Sorry, not sorry.

22. “The color of my kitten’s face is split down the middle.”

via © cheeseboie / Reddit

Kitty got an uneven tan

23. Those splotchy eyes make him stand out

via © jaunter / Reddit

24. “Came across a friendly stray cat with heterochromia.”

via © Mazbin / Reddit

WOAH! Very friendly indeed

25. The absolute gorgeous insta-star Olive

via Instagram/crazy_eyes_olive

Well, olive is a sight to sore eyes for cat people, for sure!

We’re done boasting off our adorable kitty mess, now it’s your turn. If your cat stands out somehow, make sure to share it with us in the comment box below! While you’re at it, don’t forget to tell us which one was your favorite. We definitely know which one was ours and we can’t get over it!

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