Indoor Cat Desperately Begs His Owner To Go Outside

A clever and sneaky kitty found a funny way to ask what he wished for. 👇
Indoor Cat Desperately Begs His Owner To Go Outside

There are three types of pet cats: indoor cats, outdoor cats, and those that spend time both indoors and outdoors. While most veterinarians recommend keeping pet cats indoors for their safety, some cats are outdoor adventurers at heart.

Once an indoor cat experiences the great outdoors, it can be challenging to keep them indoors again. 

A similar situation happened to these cat parents, so they had to be very careful to prevent their beloved cat from escaping.

However, a clever and sneaky kitty found a funny way to ask what he wished for.

TikTok user, Winston and Spooky, shared a video of an adorable kitty Winston who desperately wants to go outside and play. Just look at this adorable furry boy, begging to be let outside.


Poor winston doesnt know how unsafe the outside world is for him #catsoftiktok #cattok #catparents

♬ Crazy On You – Heart

It seems like Winston, who has been an indoor cat for almost all his life, became obsessed with outdoor activities once he got a taste of the outside world. Even the text on the video says:

“You let your inside cat out once, and now they spend their days begging for more outside time.”

In the video, sweet Winston is scratching the door with his tiny paws, hoping the door will magically open, but unfortunately, he doesn’t understand how the door functions. 

The video is published along with a caption that says:

“Poor Winston doesn’t know how unsafe the outside world is for him.”

What adds to the humor and charm of the video is the choice of background music, “Crazy On You” by Heart, while Winston tries hard to get out of the house.

This indoor kitty who desperately wants to go on his outdoor adventures has won the Internet’s heart. 

Soon after the video was posted, people started cheering for him, and they even offered suggestions on how to safely take the cat outside.

One user commented:

“You could get a harness? I have two cats and they love theirs.”

Another user said:

“We only take them out into our garden, but I’ve seen other people take theirs further.”

One user jokingly said:

“Gotta only let them out in the rain so they think that’s what the outside world is.

Some users suggested Winston’s owner to build a “catio”, which is a patio for cats, or rather an enclosure where your cat can safely enjoy being outdoors.

“Catios are great for cats that are curious or playful. They can help cats to expand that unwanted energy by exploring their new space.”

If Winston’s owner read some of these comments, I’m sure he already has plenty of ideas on how to make Winston’s wish come true and let him outside. 

Here’s to hoping that Winston can enjoy some outdoor adventures in the near future!